One Day in Bangkok…

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Hello Friends! After 21 hours of travel, I made it to Bangkok and am settling in. I got some much needed sleep and headed out for a walk to see what was going on in this big, culturally rich city. There is a huge mix of old and new, rich and poor, high tech and no-tech, but the overall attitude is very positive, laid back and happy. Every smile I gave on the streets was returned, and with every interaction I was greeted with kindness and grace.

Several times I wondered off the main drag to check out the quaint little streets and all of the interesting businesses and street vendors. The funny thing is that none of them went anywhere, they all just ended abruptly. At one point I took a couple of side streets off the side street and got a little turned around. A man sitting at a construction supply had seen me walk by the first time and when I circled around again I must have looked confused. Even though we never spoke a word, we shared a friendly giggle as he pointed me in the right direction! True Thai hospitality!

After a few hours in the heat and humidity I was ready for a break, so I decided to try a Thai massage (as this was highly recommended by my friend Mark!). It was exactly what I needed to cool off and de-stress from the long journey. I was twisted like a pretzel and cracked like a nut….I came out a new woman ready for day 2!





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      1. Add the foot massage while you are at it. Both the Thai Massages and their foot massages are fabulous! The Night Market in Bancock is a must see. Hugs to you! Diane

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