Goodbye Thailand, Hello Myanmar

My day:

1. Packed up and pulled the sheets of my bunk bed that was as good as sleeping on concrete, but great place and great folks 🙂

2. Had green curry with chicken and rice for breakfast.

3. Walked, sat by the canal, walked some more. Stopped and got a delicious pineapple and mango smoothie from a street vendor …..mmmmmm!!!

4. Headed to the Chiang Mai airport and caught a ride to Mandalay, Myanmar. Grabbed a ride in a shared van for a ride around town. Beautiful sunset! Ended up at the Peacock Lodge….a recommended splurge… Worth it so far! Nice private room, an outside courtyard and a great dinner. Can’t complain so far!

5. Scheduled a 5 am motorbike taxi to watch the sunrise, then 8 am bus to Kalaw! Getting out of town!


This is going to be awesome!

Wait, a couple of interesting things here…

they have cars with right side steering wheels because they are imported from Thailand, but drive on the right side of the road…

It is 1/2 hour time difference from Thailand…

7 Replies to “Goodbye Thailand, Hello Myanmar”

  1. We’re happy you are enjoying your trip.
    Sunny wants to know where you are now! She is missing her friend😜 Stay in touch and we can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you get home!!
    We love you!


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