Bus to the Beach!

A couple of days ago I boarded the funniest sleeper bus to make the six hour journey to Mui Ne, a beach town in southern Vietnam. This is funny! I’m crammed in my little top bunk space, not able to stretch out or sit up. I guess this bus was not designed with the western traveler in mind. Again, I had no idea what I was getting into, but surprises make the adventure more interesting!

After one more stop filling up the bus, music videos started blaring from the screen up front. Sweet, seems like a party!

The music changed to a comedy show that was hilarious. Many of the guys around me were cracking up! Just watching without understanding the words made me laugh.

After a couple of hours we stopped a a roadside restaurant and market. I wasn’t ready for lunch yet, but found some interesting snacks. They had sesame seeds and some kind of nuts mixed up in the thickest, stickiest goo I have ever had in my mouth….I will be bringing some home for the next party!!

By 1:00 I made it to my place in Mui Ne. It is beautiful! Finally temperatures under 100 degrees and a breeze! I’m in paradise!
I decided to go out and see what was going on….first stop, ocean side lunch!
Delicious tilapia with red chili salt. 

After lunch, I walked down the beach and watched the windsurfers and kite boarders. The salty ocean breeze was a welcome change! Later, I took a ride on a motorbike to the red sand dunes for sunset. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in, but it was fun to watch all of the people sand sledding.

I finished the evening at a great seafood restaurant where you get to pick what you want out of the tanks. I went for some amazing grilled shrimp at a table 20 feet from the ocean….no complaints!

Today started with a great massage and then a relaxing beach day. I made it to the pier by the fishing boats for sunset. Beautiful!!

Tomorrow, headed inland to Dalat, the old town that boasts an eternal spring and beautiful waterfalls…..


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