Phnom Penh – It’s only the beginning!

I arrived in Phnom Penh after a long ride through San Francisco and Hong Kong. I found a tuk tuk at the airport who took me to a little guest house right across the street from the royal palace. This was a perfect location close to the river and all of the sights!

I took a much needed shower and figured I’d lay down for a quick nap and then hit the town. I guess quick on travel time is 6-1/2 hours….😆 Anyway, I got up in time to check out the night life.

There was so much going on! It was awesome to see how many people were out and about eating, drinking, listening to live music, strolling down the Mekong, and most of all, dancing in the streets! The main square was amazing! It was like a giant flash mob with kids, teenagers and adults alike, getting down to the popular dance songs. I just wish I knew the moves. It was all I could do not to join in and show them what I got!!

After the fun, I found a street side restaurant and tried some Khmer chicken green curry. Yum!

Today I woke up early and headed out to see the sunrise over the river. Unfortunately it was a little foggy so it wasn’t super impressive. Luckily it was still a blast. I walked down the shore and every few hundred feet there was a fitness class with fun music bouncin’, lots of joggers, yogis, etc. Back in town in the parks and squares it was the same. Lots of people working out, playing games, and just enjoying life….

So, I kept walking….I roamed around for hours until my feet were sore and blistered and I came to the conclusion I was totally turned around and not going to find my way back soon. I’m found a tuk tuk, and for 2 bucks I was back to my starting point. I cleaned up (did I mention it’s 90 something here and super humid?), changed shoes, and headed back out. This time I stumbled upon a local market. It’s always interesting!

And this one was special. Many if the animals were still alive….I had to go veggie for lunch! But, I found a yummy avocado salad and some veggie fried rice and all was well!

This afternoon I took a 3 hour bus ride, that actually took 5 1-2 hours, to Kep, a small town on the coast. I booked a room here at the Boat House for a night before heading to my 8 day yoga retreat. I got here just before it got dark and found my room in the jungle! What a fun place! I might have to come back. The Owner, Dominic, is from France, but whipped me up an amazing Spanish Paella 🥘 with a glass of Spanish Red wine to make it perfect! I even had a new friend join me for dinner 🙀!

More to come soon! Until then be well! Hugs!!

P. S. No bugs are gonna get me in here!

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