Kampong Cham Tuk Tuk Tour

Yesterday morning my friend at the guest house set me up with his buddy Chhay (Chai) with a tuk tuk. He picked me up in the morning and we headed out to see the sights.

First we headed about 25 km away through the country to see Wat Hanchey, a pagoda built in the 8th century with a bunch of strange fruit statues around it. It sits on top of a mountain with amazing views of the Mekong. On the way, we were waiting to cross a bridge and I asked what the man was selling on the street side. Chhay told me it was banana leaves wrapped around sticky rice with banana and coconut…sounded good, so I tried. Pretty good for a quick energy snack!

After Wat Hanchey, we headed to Nokorbachey Temple, which they claim is older than Angkor Wat!

Next, Phnom Pros & Phnom Srei ‘Man Hill’ and ‘Woman Hill’ which was built by a son and his mom in a contest. If he built the better mountain in one night they would marry, and if she did, they would not. Thankfully she won!

And last, we visited the Old French lookout tower built in the 1920’s when they had control over Cambodia and the Mekong. Chhay asked if I wanted to climb it….sight unseen I agreed. It was a bit sketchy, but worth it for the view!!!

I hope you enjoyed the pics!! I hiked up a lot of stairs in 100+ degree heat for you!!

Headed to Kratie tomorrow to look for the Irrawaddy River Dolphins! Yay!


2 Replies to “Kampong Cham Tuk Tuk Tour”

  1. The photos are amazing. Thanks for climbing the steps to show the view!! Looks like you have the locals around, and not many tourist. Enjoy the moments as we are having snow in Denver. Hugs Blu


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