Magical Mondulkiri

After a long, hot, crowded and crazy bus ride from Kratié (4 hours turned into almost 7…😂), I arrived in Mondulkiri Province.

I found an amazing place in Sen Moromon at The Nature Lodge where I got a private bungalow with a sweet outdoor bathroom! It is cute and cozy with a hammock on the porch and some new “friends” inside! I was surprised to see someone had eaten my toilet paper when I woke up the first morning, but I guess that’s just how they ROLL here! 😆

I hired a fun tuk tuk driver, Dole, for the day, to show me the waterfalls and other cool stuff. He picked me up at the lodge and as we drove off, he started whistling like the most beautiful bird. I’ve never heard anything like it and it made me smile all day! Our first stop was Bu Sra Waterfall. There were two beautiful falls where I found a friendly guy to take my pic and, of course, had to get selfies! At the lower falls, I was the only one there and was able to walk right up to the edge of the drop off. Awesome!

Next, we made our way across the province visiting a small indigenous village, a coffee plantation and several pepper plantations. When we got back to town, it was still early, so I talked Dole into taking me off the beaten path to the “harder to get to” waterfalls. After some fun roads, we hiked in and found two beautiful falls and took a swim! First time hiking between falls in the jungle in my bikini and flip flops! Haha!!

When we got back to the road, there were some guys he knew cooking in bamboo sticks over the fire. He pulled a spoon out of his pocket and let me try their buffalo ratan stew…..and homemade rice wine…yummy…🤭

Yesterday, I finished my Mondulkiri adventure with a trip to an elephant sanctuary. It was nothing like my amazing visit with the elephants in Thailand, but I had a good day with good company!

Next up, Vietnam.


And yes, Dole drove the tuk tuk across the river!!! Crazy guy!!

4 Replies to “Magical Mondulkiri”

  1. What a wonderful day, waterfalls , hiking, swimming and Elephants. What an Amazing adventure you are on. Love your posting and photos.
    Take care, enjoy these days and being in the moment.


  2. Love your photos in the Mondulkiri Province. Looks like quite an adventure & delicious snacks! Ha! Well, maybe they were good. Did you try the eggs on a stick? Can’t imagine that. Have a safe trip to Vietnam. Love ya !


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