Whoops, Rerouting…

Well, I was really excited for my Colombian yoga/meditation retreat, but as travels go, sometimes things don’t go exactly right. I arrived at the retreat and climbed up the mountain with my 50lbs of backpacks to a not very warm welcome. The place was clean and neat, but definitely not my vibe and not what I was expecting from the explanation online. By the next morning I decided it wasn’t worth being miserable for the next week, so I cut my losses, and hiked about 3 km back to the bus station in town. I caught the next bus back to Medellin to regroup and come up with plan B.

The hike in to the retreat

On the 2.5 hour bus ride back to Medellin, I booked a room in El Centro, a different area from where I stayed the first time. I found a super cool, urban hotel for $19 (Hotel Gallery) and my attitude turned positive again. The room is fun, although only a very small window (look in the very top corner :-), so a bit dark, but clean and nice. The hotel has a great vibe with an awesome rooftop restaurant/bar. They gave me a coupon when I checked in for a free cocktail, so I went up last night and ended up staying for dinner and a couple more drinks while listening to the amazing live DJ! Everyone was so friendly and happy!

After breakfast this morning, my friends I met on the graffiti art tour a few days ago, sent me a message that the place they were staying now, up north in Minca, was looking for a new yoga instructor. This was just the tip I needed and it came at the right time. I looked into the lodge, Mundo Nuevo Eco-Lodge (https://mundonuevo.com.co/), and it is beautiful! I immediately sent them a message to which they replied who to contact for the yoga position. I sent an email, booked a flight and 5 nights at the lodge, bam, done! I have no idea what will happen with the teaching position, but either way, it looks like the beautiful retreat I’ve been craving.

So, today I will explore El Centro, and get my laundry done, and tomorrow I will head north!

Hugs, Michelle

10 Replies to “Whoops, Rerouting…”

  1. We are so happy that you are finding a new option. This new destination sure looks more interesting and great for hiking and exploring the surroundings. The scenery looks beautiful too. We love your photos and informative blogs. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

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  2. I am so proud of you taking matters into your own hands. If the vibe isn’t good, find one that is. Your path will lead you to what is right! Love you ❤️

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