Pretty Little Las Peñitas

First of all, I’m sorry for the delay in my posts. I haven’t had strong enough or, in many cases, any wi-fi in the past couple of weeks, making it impossible to upload my pics, etc.

I arrived in Las Peñitas exhausted after my camping trip on Telica Volcano. It was recommended as a quiet, cute beach town by several people I had talked with, and it sounded perfect. I booked 3 nights at a nice guest house on the beach with a pool, knowing the Pacific would be too rough for swimming. After 2 days, I decided to extend my stay for an extra couple of nights to see what the weekend brought and relax before my next big travel day.

During my time in Las Peñitas, I did a lot of walking and just being on the beaches. It was so beautiful, and the colorful boats, murals, and deserted beach houses gave me lots to photograph! Most times I was out, I had the entire beach to myself along with a few beach dogs. It gave me time to decompress, think, and regroup.

On the weekend the town got busier with local tourists and it was interesting to see how they filled the little beach shacks and hotels for a night. They rolled into town spilling out of the chicken busses, taxis, and random vehicles, with generators and big speakers mounted in the back to “bring the party”! Saturday night was lively, and they even had a band at one of the beach restaurants which of course was super loud and energetic. The crowd joined in signing (or more shouting) many of the songs, and it almost blew my eardrums out, but was fun to watch! I’m actually surprised anyone here has any hearing left! When Sunday came, everyone rolled back out, and the town became quiet again.

Monday morning, I arranged a taxi at 3 AM, and made my way to Managua for a flight to the Corn Islands 😊!! I had read about the islands in the Caribbean, and after talking with a few people who had visited, decided it couldn’t be missed. More to come on this soon!

Peace, Love & Hugs,


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