A Couple of Days in Krabi

After being on the islands, I needed some time to regroup on the mainland. I landed in Krabi Town after taking the boat and bus with Larissa from Koh Phangan. When we arrived at the dock in Surat Thani, I spotted the most amazing looking bus and said, “I want to ride on that one!!” and as luck would have it, it was actually our bus.

We had a relaxing evening together and got a Thai massage. The next morning, surprise, I went for an early walk to see what was happening in the town. The Krabi River was just a few steps from my hotel, so I wandered down the bank. I found a morning Tai Chi class, some beautiful boats, and came upon a park with a wonderful exercise trail, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and a ton of young campers along with some live music to start the day! Take a listen, I couldn’t help shaking my butt a little :-)!

Get your groove on!

After meeting Larissa for breakfast, I walked on to see a beautiful temple, and some fun stuff around town. I love that they still do build them like that and they still have pay phones on the streets!!

The last morning, before leaving for Khoa National Park, a few hours away, I took a walk to through the Krabi Urban Jungle to the watch tower for sunrise. It was peaceful to watch the fishermen and have a look over the city in every direction!

I really enjoyed this small town and the laid back atmosphere!

See you soon in the park!

Hugs, Michelle

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