Moonlight on the Mekong

The funny continues….I was picked up at the hostel in Chaing Mai yesterday morning to head to the slow boat to Laos… I thought! I was chatting with the guy next to me about an hour or so in asked, “so when do you think we will get to the boat?” He laughed and said, “No boat, this is just a bus ride to Chaing Rai.” As it turns out, the boat ride was a second part of the trip that was supposed to happen today.

On the way, we made a stop at the crazy cool white temple to take some pictures. It was a blast! So, my arm was twisted to hangout in Chaing Rai for the night and I abandoned my bus. I ended up taking the local bus this afternoon to Chaingkhong on the border. It was a quick, colorful three hours until I landed a a cute guesthouse overlooking the Mekong. I will board the slow boat in the morning!!!!

This evening I took a walk along the Mekong and got in a quick workout at one of the local gyms….it is amazing how busy they get in the mornings!

More to come from the slow boat soon 😆

2 Replies to “Moonlight on the Mekong”

  1. FYI Linda is doing fine. Was there with Nate yesterday. The tile is looking great. She had cake, cookies & brownies for us as usual…. Enjoy your slow boat ride….G.

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