Lazy in Laos

After a relaxing evening in Chiangkhong, I woke up and took a stroll down the Mekong to watch the sunrise and get in a little exercise. It was beautiful!    
Next, I got a ride to the Friendship Bridge where I was awarded a Laos Visa and took a bus over the boarder to the slow boat. We cruised the river all day seeing some gorgeous scenery, cool old boats and several small hillside villages.

I spent my first night in Pakbeng with the crew from the slow boat. It was a crazy fun night with folks from Saskatchewan, England, Belgium, USA, Australia, Netherlands, etc! We had a great dinner on the balcony overlooking the river followed by a few drinks at the Happy Bar. When it closed down at 10:22, we went back to the guest house balcony to chat. After a short time, we got moved out to a cool table under a tree where we had a blast beatboxing and making up rhymes about the journey….true world music! It was hilarious! Many great laughs!

Today we all met for breakfast and headed back to the slow boat. Another day of scenery and getting to know all of the other backpackers. It is so much fun to hear everyone’s story!

And….we made it to Luang Prabang!

One Reply to “Lazy in Laos”

  1. Way to work out Mishy. New equipment, right! Looks like you are meeting lots of new acquaintances. How was the boat? Comfortable? Can’t wait for to hear all your stories. Probally, more exciting than ours!


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