Kompong Phluck, the floating village

I spent my last day in Cambodia visiting Kompong Phluk, a floating village that is currently dry.

 This year has been a very hot, dry year, and instead of six months of rain they received two. This has really taken its toll on this quaint fishing village. On the way there, we passed miles and miles of grounded boats and abandoned fishing nets.

We had to take a van to the village, where the five of us unloaded and walked through town. The people of the village were warm and welcoming and our guide, Soteta did a great job explaining their history, culture and what was happening with the weather. It was sad to learn that many of the fishermen are out of work, the floating gardens are dying and they are struggling to keep the kids in school due to a severe lack of teachers. Right now, there is only enough for the kids to attend a half day, three days a week. They are all so positive and deserve more opportunity!

Cambodia is an amazing country! I’m so happy to have had my brief experience. It has humbled me and taught me some important lessons I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

One Reply to “Kompong Phluck, the floating village”

  1. We loved Cambodia too. What a lovely photo of the little girl. Aren’t the children sweet and so friendly. Hopefully, they’ll have more rain this year.


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