Waterfalls and Chicken Soup!

I got up this morning and decided to take a walk out of town to find Cascada de Peguche. The only instructions I had from a blog I read was to take a trail from the north most side of town, so I figured it was going to be an adventure. I turned on the compass app, found north and started trekking in my Tevas! I reached a river and thought I was doing good by heading upstream, but the road ended and I had to ask….Luckily I had saved a screenshot of the blog with a picture and the name of the falls. An awesome man named Edgar overheard me stumbling through my Spanish and offered to help. He walked me across town, past his work and pointed me in the right direction. It turns out I was a little off 😆😆 I was supposed to follow the train tracks, not the river. Of course!!

So I walked and finally came to a sign pointing to the falls! Starting at 8,441 ft. In town, I had some more hiking ahead of me. It was worth the journey and a couple of blisters from the cobblestone streets!

At the base of the falls, I met my new friends Luna and Marta. They were both sweet, beautiful ladies!

From the falls, I ventured farther up the mountain to Agato and another small mountain village. Being Sunday, nothing was open except for some beautiful views of Volcano Imbabura.

I couldn’t stop walking and felt a little lost. Finally, after many hills, I hit a main road and was blessed with a taxi. I ended up about 10 km out of town, exhausted, so this made me so happy!!

I got a snack and took a nice siesta when I got back to the hostel. Then, revived, I went for a walk and found some dinner…. chicken soup! Yay!
So, now I’m back, writing to you while sipping a nice glass of wine in my homemade glass!


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