Bus to Banos (Not the bathroom)

I was ready to leave Otavalo as the town didn’t have much going on. I ventured out and took a 9 hour bus journey south to Banos. It is a mountain resort town with waterfalls, hot springs, hiking and lots of interesting restaurants. I’m really looking forward to being around some other people for a few days!!!
The bus ride was long, hot, and not super fun. When it came time to change to the third and final bus, about 45 minutes from Banos, the bus didn’t exist at that station. In the confusion, I met Kaitlyn from California. We connected and took a taxi to the other bus station only to find out that there really weren’t any more busses to Banos today. Another man in the same predicament approached us and offered to share a taxi! Perfect! All went well and I was so happy when I arrived at the Hostel I had booked while I was on the bus. My room is modest but cozy and has a cool balcony with a hammock swing overlooking the Virgin Falls! Amazing!

After settling in, I met Kaitlyn for a walk around town, good dinner and good conversation.

There is so much here to see, I can’t wait!!!

More waterfalls comin’ at ya tomorrow!


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