Swingin’ in the Trees

I got up yesterday, excited for the day, and walked up  to meet Natalie for breakfast. Afterwards, since I decided to stay another night in Banos, I moved to a different Hostel to see what else was going on. Mold is the answer if you were wondering…😆. Oh well.
So, then came the real bummer. I was all geared up and ready to go paragliding and then they called and said the conditions at the top of the mountain were too bad and we couldn’t go. I was really looking forward to this!!!
I walked away a little sad, but then ran into Natalie heading to lunch. I joined her and decided to go along on a trip to a couple of super cool swings on the mountain above town. Another girl, Jenny, from her Hostel joined us and we headed out on the party bus.
The first stop was the condor swing that puts you out over the edge of the mountain. What a rush!!

Next, we went to the treehouse swing, La Casa Del Arbol and flew out over the mountain as the sun was going down. It was so beautiful and so much fun!

After swinging, we headed back to town jammin to the party music.

So, that’s what I got on Banos….next stop Cotopaxi!


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