Sailing Into Waterfalls!!

Tuesday: I scheduled a trip up the mountain to see some beautiful waterfalls last night. This morning I woke up to pouring rain, so I wasn’t sure what the day would bring. Either way, it was relaxing and I had a beautiful view in front of me!

Luckily, by 10:30 when I was being picked up, it had pretty much stopped raining and it was good to ride up top of our open air bus. We headed through town for a quick city tour and then up the mountain for some fun!

The waterfalls were absolutely stunning and each stop got better and better! We had a great group and I met some other awesome girls who joined me zip lining over the canyon and the falls! We also tried a couple of cable cars that gave us spectacular views! So much fun!!! At the big lines over the falls we got GoPros to take our own videos, so I’m looking forward to sharing when I get home and can upload them!

And a few fun shots around town. I love the murals here!


4 Replies to “Sailing Into Waterfalls!!”

  1. OMG !!! What an amazing experience you had today. The Waterfalls look fantastic, I think that is where they filmed the movie The Mission. I am sure the GoPro video will be great to see when you get back. Take care, Blu


  2. Wow, what spectacular waterfalls! So glad you found some friends to share the experience with and have conversation. Those are some risky looking & wet steps between the falls. Love the photo of you on the bridge. Crazy! Can’t wait for the next episode. Love, M, D, & Max


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