Samosir Island Life

My time on the island in Lake Toba was full of beautiful people and gorgeous scenery. I explored the island on a scooter, spent some time lounging and swimming at the lake and for my final day, jumped on the back of a scooter with a guide to introduce me to the local culture and some of the things I had missed. That evening I took a stroll through town and ran into a local friend I met on the ferry when I had arrived. He took me to the new restaurant where he is now working and introduced me to his friends. We hung out late into the night while they played all kinds of amazing music!! A perfect ending to my island stay!

The bottom photo is a grave where they bury people in the bottom. As the family can afford it, they remove the body, clean the sacred bones and move them to the house on the top. With this, they throw a big party to celebrate the life.

A Batak Village…

These photos are from my solo scooter journey. At the end of the day, I got lost and this amazing family showed me to the lakeside and got me this boat to ferry me and the scooter back to the main part of the island.

Next up, Jakarta!


4 Replies to “Samosir Island Life”

  1. Wow!! Amazing photos, We have never seen burial sites like that before. Great blog.
    Have you tried the cofffee yet?
    Hugs, Blu and David


  2. What a gorgeous place. Beautiful job with your blog. Looks like you met some nice people. Looking forward to Jakarta. Love, M & D


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