Sengiggi – Seminyak – Manila

My tour in Lombok from the mountains back to the coast wasn’t super exciting other than a quick stop at a happening fish market, more monkeys, and some gorgeous coastal views.

Sengiggi Beach

The following morning I headed to the harbor. I was walking towards the docks and I had a great surprise! I ran into my friends Ashley and Naithan who had just gotten in. They were out of time and actually taking a boat back to Bali about the same time as me. We had some breakfast, swapped stories, then headed out.

The next afternoon we all met up at Seminyak Beach where I was staying. We had a fun happy hour, a great swim (Thanks Ashley, you are an amazing photographer!), and dinner! Later, we spent some time in town and said our final see ya laters as we were headed in opposite directions from here.

After some drama at the airport in Bali, I am in Manila for a couple of days before meeting up with Adrienne, my friend from the yoga retreat, in Boracay for kitesurfing!

As in Bali, somehow I also arrived in the Philippines the night before the one day of the year everything is closed down. This time, Good Friday. So, I made the best of it and got out to see some amazing old churches and some of the processions happening in the streets.

Today, Manila was alive again and I ventured out to take in some culture. Here are a few shots around town. I love the Jeepney’s they use for the local bus service!

And finally the view from the roof deck at the great Airbnb I found!

Next stop Boracay! See you there! Hugs!

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