An Afternoon Roaming through Rome

I arrived in Rome yesterday and had the afternoon and evening to explore before taking the train southeast to the Province of Lecce where I will start my yoga retreat on Saturday afternoon.

After finding my hotel, I got cleaned up and suddenly the skies broke loose. Since it was my only time to explore, I sucked it up, put on my raincoat, and headed out determined to see some cool sights. After walking for about 20 minutes in a complete downpour, I came upon the amazing Colosseum and just then the rain let up! I was so excited to finally try out my new cell phone wide angle lens Troy gave me for my birthday. It was amazing! Even with the crowds, I was able to get close enough to avoid most of the people and get some great shots!

After wandering around the Colosseum, I continued on to see the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, The Vittoriano Monument, and Trevi Fountain. It was a beautiful walk meandering through the old stone streets watching everyone relaxing at all of the charming little sidewalk restaurants.

Once it got dark, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I found my own table on the sidewalk and sat down for my first Italian pizza and a couple glasses of Chianti. A perfect end to a great day! Mmmmm🍷🍕!

Now I am on the train to Lecce, so until next time, cheers and hugs!

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