Lecce to Galatone

I arrived in Lecce after a five and a half hour train ride from Rome. Lecce is known for its Baroque architecture and is often called the “Florence” of the south.

The walk to my B&B from the train station took me through a charming section of the old town with narrow, winding stone streets. I got cleaned up and once again the afternoon rain came, so I headed out anyway! Luckily this shower was short and the sun came back giving me a beautiful afternoon!

The first stop was the #1 sight to see, the Basilica di Santa Croce. Unfortunately it is undergoing a major renovation and won’t be revealed for two years. So, here’s the preview…

Next, I wandered over to Piazza del Duomo where I saw the Lecce Cathedral. It is also an amazing 17th century building constructed with Baroque architecture.

From here, I stopped for a glass of wine and some olive crackers (apparently the only food available at 5:00 PM??) before continuing through the old city. It was really relaxing to just take pictures and stroll around until dark.

After some dinner and a good nights rest, I was recharged and ready to find my way to Galatone for the yoga retreat. I walked back to the train station and found a train leaving 15 minutes later. It took about 30 minutes to get to the Galatone station and then a 30 minute walk to the gorgeous Campi Latini! It is a stunning property in the middle of olive and fruit trees with a bright, refreshing pool. I’ve already met a few of the others and several of them also met Nickyy, the instructor, at Vagabond Temple in Cambodia. It’s nice we have the common bond with such a peaceful and enlightening and place!

So, with this, I’m going to sign off for a few days and soak up the Italian sun!

Peace, Love and Hugs!

One Reply to “Lecce to Galatone”

  1. Hi Mishy,

    Great photos, looks like you are having a good time.

    Would you believe I am working on an insurance claim for an etching of a statue from Santa Croce. It was said to have been a gift

    Given to a man who donated to the restoration of Michelangelo’s tomb. I just sent an email to Santa Croce yesterday asking for

    Any information of etchings that were given to people who donated to the restoration.

    Thanks again for your nice emails.

    Love, Dad


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