A Mini Road Trip through Puglia, Italy

Hello Again! I spent the past few days on a road trip through Puglia (Along the coast of Southeast Italy) with Isabelle. We rented a Citron Cactus in Brindisi, had some dinner, crashed for the night and headed north the next morning.

Isabelle with our Citron Cactus…Ready for the road trip!

We started in Monte Sant’ Angelo, a beautiful mountain town known for the grotto which houses the Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel. We were there on a Sunday, so the shops were closed and the streets were taken over by tons of tourists and street vendors selling lots of unnecessary junk :-)! It was a great place to spend the afternoon, but we were then ready to head down the mountain to Trani after a couple of hours.

Monte Sant’Angelo

Trani is a busy seaport town with a fun vibe. We spent some time walking around and found a fun B&B in an old building right on the waterfront. It was great to go out and have dinner and relax with the locals. The next morning, we walked some more and took in the beauty of the harbor, the Trani Cathedral and Castello Svevo, a 13th century fortress.


For our last stop, we visited Alberobello, a town started in the early 16th century, filled with picturesque white-washed homes with conical, unsupported stone roofs called “trulli”.  What a treat! We found an old church with a summer seminary turned hotel to stay the night. It was basic, but the location was great. Later, out for dinner we stumbled upon a delicious restaurant where we were able to watch the talented chefs put together delicious seafood dishes, meat and cheese plates that looked like beautiful sushi trays, and incredible desserts. Scrumptious!


So, that concluded our trip and I headed to Bari to catch a train back to Rome. I had planned on spending a couple more weeks roaming around Europe or doing a workaway, but nothing was really jumping out at me. For once I decided I was tired of solo travel and decided to head home to Troy, where my next real adventure awaits! We will be doing some fall weekend trips and look forward to heading to Nepal and Northern India at the end of the year.

I’m excited to be moving on to this new chapter in my life and look forward to sharing many more adventures with my partner in crime!

Until next time, Ciao, Hugs and Love!

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