Yoga and so much more!!

Hello Everyone! I’m signing back on relaxed and refreshed! I had an amazing week at the retreat at Campi Latini with a really special group!! We all bonded, supported each other, and had an amazing time together.

Every morning we started at 6:30 with Nickyy guiding us through a meditation and then right into yoga practice. This was followed by a special breakfast prepared by our host, Francesca and her sweet mother, Mama.

After breakfast each day, Francesca arranged for us to visit gorgeous spots along the sea. We saw some quaint old cities, did some nice hiking along the coast, and had all kinds of fresh caught seafood!

In the evenings, we returned to the retreat for a relaxing meditation, restorative yoga, and group activities, followed by more home cooked meals from Mama! The fresh mozzarella and her secret recipe cookies were the best!!!

I made some amazing friends during the week and look forward to seeing everyone in the future! We are spread out between Malaysia, Germany, England, Montreal, and Colorado 😁 with some moving on to Cambodia and South Korea, so there will be lots of opportunities!

After the retreat I headed out to Brindisi with Isabelle from Montreal. We rented a car and headed north up the coast. More updates coming soon!!

So for now I will leave you with a few thousand more words I can only share in photos! Enjoy!!

The amazing Nickyy who brought us all back to LOVE!

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