Good Vibes in San Juan del Sur

It’s a beautiful day at the beach! I’ve been in San Juan del Sur for 10 days now, and it has been so calming to my soul. The weather has been great, other than a quick visit from tropical storm Bonnie, but all good! I’m staying at a yoga retreat center called Eden on The Chocolata. Chocolata is the main road from town where there are several restaurants, hostels, and local residences, as well as several beach access trails.

A view from Jesus de la Divina Misericordia, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I have a cool little cabina with a thatched roof and bamboo doors and shutters, right next to the yoga shala. The doors open wide and I can look out at the ocean as I fall asleep and wake up! We have a morning vinyasa class and an evening yin class to start and seal the days. There are also two cats, Taco and Mila, and a black lab, Milo who keep us company and make me feel like I’m home. Mila is truly a magician, as somehow she can find her way into the mosquito net on my bed and crawl in without ever making an opening?? We also have a true “jungle gym” on the property (go Flintstones!).

It’s been interesting staying here for this length of time, as I’ve seen several people come and go, and have everyone has been so amazing. We have all bonded in special ways and shared unique memories that will last a lifetime. I truly cherish the magical moments spent with new friends. We are all learning from each other, and loving the experiences.

Outside of the retreat, I have taken my own solo walking/photo trips around town and have really enjoyed this place! Beach walks, restaurants, hike to meet Jesus, ceviche from the fish stand to eat on the beach, etc…. And thanks to Lauren, a shortcut back to the retreat with a boat taxi. The people are so friendly. Both times I have been walking alone back from town, one of the locals has stopped on his motorcycle and given me a ride back to Eden.. nothing asked in return, but a smile!

But, no paradise comes without a little sacrifice….

I gave my feet to the sand fleas…and this is on the mend!

And, the plastic problem is real!! It is so sad to see this beautiful landscape littered by plastic. We need to do something now! This is a worldwide problem even though many of us don’t see it first hand. This is not funny, please do your part….reduce, reuse, buy biodegradable where you can.

But I’m in love with the beauty and the amazing gifts from nature!

Sorry for the long ramble…. I finally got good enough wi-fi to post! 🙂

Love & Hugs, Michelle

2 Replies to “Good Vibes in San Juan del Sur”

  1. Some how I missed this blog. It’s wonderful. I love the colorful photos and interesting subjects. The beauty of nature is for sure amazing. I can’t wait to see all your photos. Dad and I always look forward to catching up on your destinations. Thank you for sharing. Your photography is wonderful. Take care and be safe. Love and Hugs, Mom & Dad.

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  2. Thanks as always for sharing and the great photo’s of course. Jesus is everywhere if we just open our eyes and look for his Blessings & Miracles, as I’m seeing through your camera lens ;~) Thank Yo and God Bless

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