When the Universe has Other Plans…

Okay, relax, breathe…..sometimes the universe has other plans for you….maybe it’s time to listen?

My dear friend Nickyy recently posted this image and it totally rang true!

Before I get started with my new string of blogs from my next adventure, I wanted to provide an update for my dedicated followers (Thank you so much for hanging with me!!!), and a starting point for those of you who are new to my blog (Thanks so much for giving me a look!!).

As many of you know, I ended my almost 30-year career in commercial construction in October of 2021. Burned out, and ready for something new, I headed to Cabuya, Costa Rica, and completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training. This was a much needed change of scenery and a chance to rest, regroup, and reset. Upon returning to Denver, I made my way through the holidays, and started teaching yoga classes in a variety of places. I also took many new classes to give me ideas and to learn through others. I read several spiritual and self-help books and dug deeper into who I am and who I’ve been missing. I realized that over the years I have lost some of my passion and curiosity into the world. I love travel and learning about new cultures, I love connecting with others, I love helping others feel good about themselves and find their way, and I love exploring ways to connect with myself and find my internal peace.

I decided it was time to take the leap, so I could figure out what this all meant. I found a property manager, cleared out my personal belongings, and turned my house over as a short term (AirBnB/VRBO) rental. Yes, it was scary and uncomfortable after 16 years!! The hardest part has been leaving my friends, family, and Max, the sweetest cat on the planet, at his old age of 17. Luckily my parents love him and are always willing to take him in and spoil him rotten!

June came, and I headed to Colombia as I had heard many good things. I booked a one week yoga and meditation retreat to “get in the groove” and hopefully make some connections to guide me on my path forward. Shortly, the universe spoke, this was not meant to be. The retreat was not my vibe, so I left after one night and rerouted in search of something more “me”. You can browse back to my earlier posts to check out this journey, but after roaming around Colombia for a month, I had to move on. I wanted to go south and maybe see Uruguay or Paraguay, but the weather was cold and rainy. I needed sun! I was in Nicaragua in August of 2021 for a short trip and felt I still had some things to see and do, so I headed north through Costa Rica.

I had a good time in Nicaragua, but returned to Denver for the month of August. My parents were taking a trip and I wanted to fill in and hang with Max for this time. While I was home, I was searching for a sound healer training in SE Asia for the next part of my trip. The one I had the best connection with, surprisingly, was in Iowa at the beginning of September. With this, I signed up, and decided to delay my journey east until after the training. Next, I found a Workaway at a yoga retreat center in Cambodia for the month of October which seemed like a perfect fit. I planned to head out the week after my return from Iowa.

The day I arrived in Iowa, I received an email from my property manager, who I thought was amazing, telling me she was quitting the business and would not be managing my property after October. I had noticed her demeanor and passion had changed over the past couple of months, but we had a year contract, and I did not see this coming. She had already closed off my future bookings, and decided not to talk with me anymore…..okay… Not wanting to be distracted from my training and the new friends I was making, I put dealing with this on the back burner until I finished the course. Next, I had a very eventful train ride back to Denver.

Once returning home, I started looking for a new property manager. Quickly it became obvious that this was a huge task, and not possible to find someone I could trust and get started in a week. More signs from the universe… After interviewing a couple of people, I decided I needed to relieve myself of the stress of this material possession so I could be truly free to explore the possibilities ahead. I called off my trip to Cambodia and called my trusted friend and realtor, Mark. I explained my situation, and we jumped into action. I had a week before my final guests would arrive, so I cleaned out all unnecessary items from the house, went through the garage (my storage), and organized a garage sale. Mark scheduled a photographer, put together an amazing listing, and posted a “coming soon” while we waited for the guests to check out. The moment they left, the sale started, and we had 11 showings scheduled for Saturday. On Friday, before going live, we received our first offer. By the end of the weekend, we had accepted an offer and setup a closing for the end of October. Yikes, lots to do, but the furniture and art quickly found new homes.

I had booked a ticket to Thailand on November 8th, as I had a yoga retreat in Phuket later in the month, and was anxious to start traveling. I was hoping not to have to return home after the retreat to close on my house, and it worked! Thank you, universe! When the house was listed, I said, “I hope a like-minded person will see all the effort I put into this house and connect with the vibe”. It sold to a beautiful, sweet yoga teacher and her family. I’m so excited to know my home will continue to be loved!

With that, I said my See You Laters, and boarded my plane to Bangkok.

Stay tuned for the journey!

12 Replies to “When the Universe has Other Plans…”

  1. Michelle
    As always great to see you following your heart and letting the universe send you where to next! I’m so glad everything worked out for you as I knew it would! Safe and Blessed travels to you! God Speed my friend! Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Safe travels Michelle, looking forward to your next blogs and wonderful experiences. We will miss you as a neighbor but you are always welcome to stay with us when you return to Denver.
    Be safe, love and hugs Blu and David

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  3. Great account of your last 3 plus months and time after retiring from construction.
    We wish you the best of luck in your future adventures. We pray that you will always be safe and stay healthy. Take care. Dad and I, and of course Maxey will miss you. We all love you dearly. Hugs. M & D


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