Exploring Bangkok….and Smiling the Whole Way Through!

Woohoo, I’m excited to finally be sharing my adventures in Bangkok! I have not been back to Thailand since my first trip to SE Asia in March of 2016. I started here, but quickly headed north after just two nights. I was overwhelmed by the size and population and didn’t really understand the culture! Now, after exploring many large SE Asian cities, Bangkok has been much more manageable and enjoyable. Before, I hadn’t realized how special this city is. For such a large place, it is remarkably clean and friendly, and the infrastructure is amazing. With a big mix of old and new, spiritual and business, everyone and everything seems to blend well in an almost perfect harmony. Yes, there is a massive amount of traffic and crowding, but after being here for 4 days, walking, running, taking the sky train, taxis and motorbikes, I have not seen one person get angry with another, no honking, now road rage, no pushing or shoving. People are laid back, take their time, and move slowly and cautiously through every situation. It’s really beautiful and has been a treat to my nervous system! For example, here’s a short video of me on the back of a Grab Bike (motor taxi) moving through traffic one evening.

Rush Hour….really, it’s no rush!

Since I arrived, I have spent my days exploring the sights, new and old, and even found an amazing cooking class with a really fun group from around the world. With that, I’m going to make this post a bit picture heavy as they speak many more words that I have for you 😊. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to ask questions if anything catches your attention.

One of the gyms in the park. These are all over the city and usually very busy!

And for my construction friends who are wondering how these amazing structures came together…

Now for a bit of the more modern city…

Getting busy as party time approaches… definitely an area built for tourists!

And after all of that, I moved across town to take a breath and wind down. Today, I will be getting an Ayurvedic consultation and learning more about this special alternative to western medicine.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. As you can see, I’ve had a busy few days in the city and am looking forward to moving on to somewhere a bit calmer and off the beaten path, but am so happy I stayed a bit longer to really take it in.

Much love and many big hugs!


6 Replies to “Exploring Bangkok….and Smiling the Whole Way Through!”

  1. Wow, Michelle! This looks amazing. Lifelong memories are being made right now. I am so happy for you and wish you wonderful journeys and safe travels. Many blessings to you and your travels!

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  2. Glad you’ve discovered the magic of Bangkok. It was one of my favorite places. I love the Thai people. Glad you’re learning about their culture.
    Excited to see your next blog.

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