Workaway in Khao Thong/Thalane Bay, Thailand

Well, sometimes the translations don’t work quite right.

After leaving Khao Sok National Park, I traveled back to the south, where I took a volunteer position through Workaway for room/board at Bananas Bungalows. Bananas is in Khao Thong, on the coast of Thalane Bay, about 20km NW of Krabi. I stayed for 10 days in a very simple bamboo bungalow shared with one other volunteer. We traded shifts checking people in, helping set up tours, and lending a hand in the restaurant. I was also able to take on the roles of giant spider relocator, monkey controller, bat shit scrubber, and rat chaser, among several other fun things.

The Pier at Bananas when the tide was out. When the tide was in, there was water all the way up
under the bridge!

Bananas was a super cool place with chill vibes, good people, and beautiful views. Although it was not glamorous, I had a really great time practicing yoga at sunrise on the pier with the monkeys, taking long walks, and accompanying the guests on island tours and kayaking during my time off. In the evenings, Francisco, the other volunteer, and I spent hours chatting and playing games over some beers while we waited for the late guests to check in. Olli, the Owner from Germany, and his 5 chihuahuas and 1 grumpy old cat were also a hoot. He has owned the place for many years, and has loads of energy and a fun sense of humor!

Bananas has 18 small bungalows as well as a 12 person mixed dorm, which were almost all full during my stay. There was always something going on! Here are some pictures from my island tour in Than Bok Khorani National Park. We visited Pakbia Island, Laolading Island, and Hong Island, as well as dropping anchor to swim in a beautiful bay. It was a really fun day in the sun!

Hong Island had a fun nature trail, where we spotted a black water monitor, as well as an amazing 360 degree view point which gave us a good workout!

Such a cool old soul!

One evening, during low tide, I found myself at a little restaurant down the road with a bamboo bridge and swing and decided I should walk the sea floor back to the pier at Bananas. I started with my sandals, but quickly found the quick mud and almost didn’t get them back. So, barefoot, I continued out to see the fishermen and watch the sunset. It was gorgeous and I arrived back just in time to have a swing!

Another day, I walked down the shore, then up into the Muslim community in the jungle. I was intrigued by the quaint little mosques, and also decided to entertain myself with the roadkill….sorry! After seeing a couple of frogs, I decided to photograph the interesting casualties.

During another walk, I entertained myself with all of the fun old gas pumps which I have been finding so cool here in Southern Thailand! I just hope I never have to use one on my own because I’ll have no clue what to do!

Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys! Even though they can be sneaky little tricksters, I love them so much. They have so much personality and are so fun to watch…and they are always watching me too!!!

I was doing my morning practice when this happened…!! When I turned around, one of them was trying to pull my mat out from under me!
And they just love the hammocks….it’s a monkey playground every morning!

One day I accompanied Jenni, a past volunteer who was visiting from Germany with her Mom, on a kayaking tour through the mangroves. We swam at a little private beach and had so many laughs with our young guide who was very proud of MJ being legal now in Thailand!

You can find it in every town on the side of the road, in little shops, in the back of trucks, etc… Kind of comical!

He was also quite the photographer and continually asked me to pose, so here’s my photo shoot….🤣

Then, a a few more monkeys…I couldn’t get enough!

Rush hour in front of Bananas!

Just so you know, I did participate in a zoom meeting (I had to turn my camera off for a minute) for my yoga biz and tried to do a bit of work while I was here…I had to tell Ali what happened after the meeting.

And that was my time at Bananas! It was pretty bananas!! I hope you enjoyed the fun. Next stops…Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai!

Hugs, Michelle

8 Replies to “Workaway in Khao Thong/Thalane Bay, Thailand”

  1. Beautiful scenery. Love the fun monkeys. Glad they didn’t get your mat. The water looks so pristine.
    Take care, have fun and be safe.
    See you soon.

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  2. That looks amazing. Those monkeys freak me out a little. You look beautiful and happy and at peace. I love hearing about your adventures. Stay safe sweet friend. Many blessings to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fascinating as always! Great pictures and stories. Those rock outcroppings were stunning and I’d like to go for a ride, or perhaps drive one of those tour boats! Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

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