Bouncin’ out of Bangkok…and SE Asia!

As the season began to change from “hotter” to “hottest”, I decided it was time to escape SE Asia for some cooler weather. I spent the last two weeks on my visa in Bangkok, closing the circle. Both the owner, Anup, and the manager, Laxmi, at the hotel where I stayed at last November had kept in touch, and I really wanted to visit before leaving. Hotel V One Pride in Sukhumvit 22 (

When I arrived, it was like coming home. I was welcomed back by all the staff, even the sweet housekeepers. It felt nice! It was also good to be back in familiar surroundings, as for the past five months everything has been new and unfamiliar. I have to admit I’m a bit tired!

I slept great in my “old room” and woke up the first day eager to visit my favorite park, Benchakitti. It was so beautiful with all the blooming flowers, lotus gardens, winding paths, elevated walkways, and I even found a baby water monitor. Such an oasis in the middle of a huge, busy city! Next, I made my way down the green mile, an elevated walkway that connects Benchakitti with Lumphini Park, another beautiful oasis! After being in an area that was not so walk friendly, it felt amazing to stretch my legs and put on some miles!

I had made a decision to just “be” in Bangkok with no real agenda and relax, exercise, and prepare for my upcoming trip to a whole new place. During the two weeks, it got hotter and hotter, making it more and more uncomfortable to spend time outside between about 10 AM and 5 PM. My walks in the parks turned into walks in the giant air conditioned malls. Although I’m not a big shopper, I did gather a few necessary items for cooler weather, and let the fun fashions and displays entertain me! I also stumbled on some cool art exhibits in the malls. Here are a few pics from the journey…

Aside from parks and malls, I did get out to do a couple of tourist things I hadn’t done before. One day I signed up for a bike tour through Chinatown and some back streets of Bangkok. It was a bigger group than I had expected (about 12 of us), but it actually worked well, and was fun winding thorough the little alleys and through the flower and veggie market. I’ll definitely be checking out more bike tours in the future!

Towards the end of my time, desperate for a way to get out and do something without melting in the extreme heat, I opted for a tour that took me a couple hours outside of the city to the original floating market, Damneon Saduak, and the Maeklong Railway Market, which takes place on active train tracks! I had never booked anything through the Klook site, and was was definitely not expecting what I got! I’m used to down to earth, small group tours, so when I arrived and checked in at the meeting point I was shocked to see a list of 25 names. I was also shocked that the tour was in both English and Chinese, and I was the only one other than a couple of girls from the Philippines and a couple from Korea who needed the English translation. (Thailand just opened up for the Chinese tourists a couple of weeks before, so they are flooding in!). I was also shocked when a full size tour bus rolled up to pick us up on the crowded street! Luckily, a family of 8 backed out at the last moment, so the we had a lot of space on the bus and on the boats at the market.

The guide, Tony Tee, turned out to be a total hoot. He was from Northern Thailand, and had learned English and Chinese for his job. He was all in, very fluent in both languages, and was a great entertainer on top of it all. He even sang for us on the ride back. The first stop was the floating market. It was a nice ride through the canals, luckily in covered boats! It was definitely a tourist thing, but was lively and vibrant.

The railway market was interesting too. The train comes in and out twice a day, and each time it comes and goes, the vendors roll up their awnings and move their goods off the tracks. It is quite something to watch! It was very crowded, so I did my walk through as quickly as I could, and then cut out to a nearby fish and meat market which was also fun. I wish I could share the heat, humidity, sounds, and, most of all, the SMELLS with you too!!

Ohhh, and I must showcase this next photo I took while roaming down one of the side streets behind the market….anyone up for the full course?? And just for reference, 500 Baht is about $14.50 USD.

When we met at the end to walk to the bus, Tony pulled out his flag so we could follow him thorough the crowds. This cracked me up. I told him I’d never been on a tour with a guide holding a flag (and swore I never would!), so I had to get a couple pics to prove it :-).

Other than these two tours, I often wandered the streets when I could take the heat and watched life go by…so much fun stuff to take in.

And, I found an amazing yoga/sound healing studio in a beautiful home. I went for a sound journey one afternoon, and found out they were having a multi-instrument class the day before I left, followed by a gong bath. Gotta go out with a bang! I learned so much and got to play with several new instruments. I can’t wait to settle somewhere so I can add a few things to my collection!

Check this place out! (

And, the best for last, special moments with friends….

I had dinner with Ali and Justin, my yoga mentor/retreat leader (, and her husband, when they were in Bangkok before leaving to Vietnam (dang, we didn’t get a pic!). And Ali, if you’re reading this, thanks for the Onsen recommendation too! I went 2x and loved it! If you’re back in BKK, check out Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa in Thonglor! Amazing! Also a nice hotel! Will be doing more soon!!!

Then, Laxmi treated me to an amazing meal at a Burmese restaurant and shared some of her favorite foods from home. This was really special! Another evening, we went to Greek so I could share some of my favs. She’s so much fun!

And then, just before leaving, Lisa, the Owner of Lan Sabai (, where I attended the yoga retreat, came for a visit when she was in town for a conference. She stayed at the hotel, and she and Anup hit it off talking about hotel ownership. He was then so kind to treat us to dinner in his restaurant and even bring in special dosa masala per Lisa’s request! It was amazing!

So, that’s a wrap on Thailand and my SE Asia tour for now!…..Ahhh, I’m so excited to share where I am now!!! Coming soon, lots of beauty! Yeeeee!!!

Cheers, Love and Hugs,

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  1. Amazing read. We always love to read about your adventures. They are so special and interesting. You take such beautiful and informative photos. Love the markets and especially the old flower market on the river. It brings back great memories. Can’t wait to see the next episode. Hugs.

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