Goodbye Gili’s, Hello Lombok!

After a final couple of days relaxing and doing some great yoga classes in the Gili’s, I took the boat to Lombok to escape the heat and see the mountains and jungle.

The first day, I found a local guide, Adi, by the entrance to the falls and decided to take him along. It was a great choice since he knew the route, told me about the culture and plants along the way and even filled in as my photographer while sharing some good laughs!

After the hike, he offered to pick me up at my guest house and take me to see the sunset in the rice terraces and to have dinner at a local roadside restaurant. It was beautiful and interesting to try his favorite meal for under a dollar each!

The next day, Adi picked me up to go see some more of the sights in the area. We headed for the hills on his scooter passing through some amazing scenery. There were rice terraces, strawberry patches, vegetable farms, quaint towns with beautifully painted mosques, jungles, volcanoes and some of the best views I have seen. Another fun day!

This was during a brief interruption in our tour. We had taken some muddy trails back into the jungle to the lookout in the cover pic. As we started out, the skies broke loose and crazy rain started. These guys were loading their truck with logs and would not move it out of the way for us to pass until after the storm. So, they invited us into their shelter to wait it out. Probably best!!!

Today, I will head out of the mountains with Ekka, the man who brought me here from the harbor. He will take me to see more of the island and his favorite spots…it’s all a surprise! Tonight I will land in Sengiggi, a coastal town near the harbor so I can catch the boat back to Bali in the morning.

Until next time, hugs and namaste!

3 Replies to “Goodbye Gili’s, Hello Lombok!”

  1. Wow!! What a great experience and wonderful photos of you and the waterfalls. You look energized, relaxed and in great shape… traveling agrees with you 🙂
    You are not missing much here it is going to snow this week as the tulips and daffodils are blooming.
    Looking forward to your next adventure blog. B &D

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  2. What a yoga move! You are certainly getting the nack of it. Love the scenery & the awesome waterfalls. Can’t wait for the next episode.


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