Bouncing Back in Bangkok!

An extra week in Bangkok was what the universe offered, and I accepted! It was just what I needed to learn from an amazing Guruji and calm my mind from the past few months. I found some beautiful, unexpected sights just by picking spots on the map and taking long walks to find them!

Denver to Bangkok!

My journey to Bangkok, where I will start my latest SE Asia Adventure. I will be here for an undetermined amount of time, searching for peace, love, and happiness through yoga, meditation, sound healing, ayurvedic medicine, and whatever else the universe sends my way!

Lovin Little Corn Island

The Corn Islands (originally part of the Mosquito Coast) are beautiful little islands off the Carribean coast of Nicaragua. A bit difficult to get to, but well worth the effort!

Minca Mornings

Sunrise at the yoga studio Hello from Minca, Colombia. I have just spent six days high above the town of Minca on a mountain, in the jungle. I arrived full of hope that this was the destination where I would spend several weeks teaching yoga, learning Spanish, and enjoying outdoor activities. Read on to …